Released: Project Panorama 1.4, Front End Editing and Gantt Add-ons!

Project Panorama is a WordPress Project Management Plugin that will have you loving your job again!

We’re excited to announce the release of Panorama 1.4 which contains some hugely beneficial new features and two premium add-ons to add gantt charts to your projects, plus create and edit projects on on the front-end of your website. Details below!

Panorama 1.4

Project Panorama 1.4 has several big improvements, along with the huge improvements in the recently released Some of the more exciting capabilities include:

  • Improved, more compact menu design
  • Better handling of design if some elements are not in use (comments, milestones, etc…)
  • Tasks and milestones now appear on calendars
  • Better handling of translations on the calendar
  • Added a search to the dashboard with filters for project types
  • Improved responsiveness of charts and menus
  • You can now add your own FontAwesome icons to Panorama menu items using the ‘link description’ in the menu admin
  • New e-mail notification system, set and configure when e-mails are triggered! (big thanks to Real Big Marketing and Real Big Plugins!)

If your license is active you’ll receive a notice in the WordPress admin and can upgrade with a single click. Alternatively you can download the latest version from your account.

Front End Editor Add-on


We’ve been hard at work putting together a premium add-on that allows the creation and editing of projects from the front end. Not only does this open up a wide range of use cases for Panorama, it can save time and hassle from having to login to the admin every time you want to make an update!

Installing the add-on is easy, just upload and activate it like you would any other plugin. Afterward, any user who has permission to create a project will see a “New Project” button on their dashboard. Any user who has permission to edit a project will have an “edit project” link in their Panorama menu.

The links open up a create new or edit project window, where the users can specify project settings, update key information, add phases, tasks, etc…

Plus, the plugin adds a “e-mail notification” window to the front end as well! You can now send e-mail notifications about the project from the front end, keeping everyone aware of what’s going on.

BONUS: Those of you who have the unlimited “agency” license can get the front end editor for free! Simply enter your non-expired license code here and you’ll get free download access to the plugin. If you’ve accidentally purchased the add-on even though you have an agency license, contact us so we can issue you a refund.


Gantt Chart

Real Big Plugins has also released a Gantt add-on. For over 100 years, project managers have been relying on Gantt charts to clearly illustrate project tasks, timelines, dependencies and the critical path to their teams. This visual representation of a project is well established and extremely popular among project management professionals. You can’t take a Project Management course without learning about Gantt charts.


Project visualization is fundamentally what Project Panorama is all about so naturally, incorporating Gantt charts makes perfect sense. Gantt charts have been one of the most popular feature/addon requests by Project Panorama users and with good reason. They’re clear, concise and very popular.

This is why I’m so excited to announce today that Gantt charts are now possible to create within your Project Panorama projects. The capable team at Real Big Plugins just completed this new extension which I’ve tested thoroughly. I’m very impressed with the extension and especially how easy it is to use. I think you will be too.

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