Change Log

We’re always updating and improving Project Panorama. Below is an outline of how Panorama has progressed since inception.

  • Adds support for %progress% and %phase_progress% on task complete notification
  • PHP8 compatibility support
  • Addresses notifications in debug mode
  • Support for notification filters
  • Fixes JS error on collapsed project shortcodes
  • Fixes bug with document status update notifications
  • Fixes bug where users who can see all users couldn\'t see all teams in FEE
  • Fixes bug where reports would crash if you don\'t have FEE Adds missing translations Additional comma issues with PHP8+ 2.2.1
  • New feature: Ability to @mention someone in a message
  • New feature: Ability to select individual users to be notified on a message
  • New feature: Reporting on the front-end
  • Forces trailing slash on dashboard links
  • Fixes responsive issue on phone when you only have four phases
  • Adds additional hooks
  • Fixes document status update with no assigned users
  • Fixes JS bug with repeat open windows theme template views
  • Fixes issue where you can\'t see task details on theme template views outside of projects
  • Fixes JS bug on theme template views
  • Adds new mobile menu experience
  • Adds public dashboard view in /panorama/public/
  • Adds rich text editing to comments
  • Fixes issue with non-populate task_ids using latest version of ACF
  • Adds additional hooks and filters for better upcoming add-on support
  • Fixes bug where psp_get_all_my_project_ids() doesn\'t return all projects if lower permission levels
  • Fixes bug where not being able to publish teams also means not being able to publish projects
  • Fixes bug where filtering by project type wasn\'t working in the admin
  • Fixes bug where report wasn\'t marking projects as complete
  • Adds reporting capability, reports by project type and user
  • Adds [project_phase project=\"XXX\" phases=\"XXX,XXX,XXX\"] shortcode
  • Removes legacy sidebar menu
  • Moves tasks from sidepanel into modal
  • Reworked logic on updating tasks from the front end for more reliability
  • Added ability to edit and delete comments from the front end
  • Refresh masonry grid after loading
  • Added new project status options (hold, canceled) and ability to set status through editing the project
  • Minor redesign on priority indicator on the project list
  • Added ability to direct link to a project task
  • Fixed issues with datepickers on front end editor
  • Fixes issue with styling loading if you have no projects
  • Restyled dashboard widget
  • Force block mode on #psp-projects to prevent themes from messing up chart calculations
  • Interface update
  • Better support for native WordPress theme with Panorama
  • Better universal support for external plugins and shortcodes
  • Subject line revisit
  • Fixed issues with %task_description% variable on task assignment / completion
  • Fixed issues with no ob_start() on dashboard widget
  • Fixed non-object property warning
  • Fixed issues with phases no documents
  • Fixes issues with email subject lines
  • New method of outputting iCal files for compatibility
  • Fixes caching issue on project breakdowns
  • Fixes Add-ons page
  • Fixes invalid function on project_status shortcode
  • Fixes issues with caching custom CSS styling
  • Adds %project_completion% email variable
  • Reworks comment suppression logic
  • Adds filter on calendar date feed
  • Fixes bug with unnecessary login failed get variable
  • Updates to PSP Lite migration routine
  • Reworked tooltips on calendar pages
  • New support for [project_list ids=\"XXX,XXXX,XXX\"] - to only display certain projects by ID
  • Compt. fix for Divi 4.0
  • Double check on tasks for project assignment
  • Minimizes memory required for project stats / lists
  • Adds option to control number of projects displayed at once
  • Adds new notification variable of %file_url% to document status notification
  • Switches default task sort date
  • Adds option for logo size
  • Adds new notification variable of %task_description% for tasks
  • Adds new notification variable of %file_url% to document status notification
  • Compatibility fix for sub-tasks
  • Feature: New notification type, project reaches % completion
  • Adds overflow:hidden to project breakdown graphic
  • Feature: Tasks breakdown on dashboard
  • Fixes issue with incorrect team project counts if only one project
  • Change: [project_status_part display=\"progress\"] no longer references milestones
  • Feature: [project_status_part display=\"milestones\"]
  • Added new user view, users with permissions can see projects and task completion assigned to a specific user
  • Added task descriptions
  • Added task breakdown on dashboard
  • Misc minor optimizations and bug fixes
  • Misc minor optimizations and bug fixes
  • Adds latest phase to project listing
  • Completed projects are sorted by most recent to least recent
  • Dashboard now has pagination rather than just more / prev links
  • Allows for remote network paths for offsite documents
  • Documents now open in a new window
  • Updates hooks on document templates
  • Adds hook for document status changed
  • Ability to regen task and phase IDs if Missing
  • Better support for embedded projects and taskbar
  • Fixes issue with notifications on save
  • Adds font awesome support on primary menu icons
  • Fixes misc notices and warnings
  • Fixes issue with non-fading out modal BG
  • Allows duplicate comments on projects
  • Filters out Panorama comments from recent comments list
  • Extra layers of obscurity around files
  • Redesigned login page with more design options
  • Adds new notification for document status change
  • Checks PHP version and prevents Panorama from loading if the version is too low
  • Extra security around older versions of add-ons that can cause major issues (will auto deactivate)
  • Updated language POT
  • Adds missing conditional for foreach check
  • Better support across themes for project_status shortcode
  • Fixes issues with notifying users from the WordPress edit screen
  • Resolves issues around collapsed user fields
  • Checks for plugin conflicts (like ACF free) and directs a solution
  • Upgrades CF library
  • Feature: Private phases
  • Better support for custom themes and Divi in particular
  • Added shortcode [psp_private] [/psp_private] to have non-client notes in project and phase descriptions
  • Adds option to reverse comment order
  • Removes limit on milestones per project
  • Fixes bug with panorama lite migrations
  • Adds filters on email addresses
  • Adds ability to rerun database upgrade if needed
  • Fix: Uploader button in admin not working
  • Fix: White text in task panel if you\'ve configured your menu colors
  • Feature: Adds documents to individual tasks
  • Feature: Adds discussions to individual tasks
  • Improvement: Better live updates of stats on the front end
  • Improvement: Completed tasks no longer show up in calendar
  • Adds RTL support
  • Supports for upcoming task related add-ons
  • Updates task graph on project single when tasks are complete
  • Only redraw phases chart if auto progression has been set
  • Adds support for CC and BCC notifications on emails
  • Custom links appear on all submenus in panorama
  • Project Managers can now create teams
  • Pagination on search resolved
  • Added notification for project progress
  • Project list widget now supports the collapsed view
  • Can now link to /panorama/calendar/ and it will automatically show the logged in users calendar
  • Lots of design improvements
  • Prep for front end editor improvements
  • %current_user% now works for notifications generated from admin view
  • No longer require restrict access for notifications to be sent to users
  • Updated what is passed through hooks to reduce queries on load
  • Changed fire order of JS to prevent project status updates before task update is complete
  • Changed CSS behavior for before-milestone and after-milestone shortcodes
  • Fixed issue with excerpt view on projects
  • Added attribute of collapsed for [project_list] for a more compact view [project_list collapsed=\"true\"]
  • Fixed bug with task title notifications
  • Redesigned milestone area
  • Minor graphic improvements
  • Better support for dates in different languages
  • Refined design in several areas
  • Adds compatibility for upcoming front end editor update
  • Post edit notification now includes users added via team
  • Adds option to restrict media gallery within projects to files uploaded to the project
  • Added new task notification type of task_assigned
  • Workaround for WordPress 4.8.3 escaping SQL issue
  • Added slug to project types for more consistency
  • Added menu support for Panorama Pages add-on
  • Select2 removed
  • Better handling of going from zero documents to one document with front end uploader
  • Updated repeater collapser
  • Bug fix around displaying logos on navigation
  • Added support for publishing documents in phases (make sure to download the latest front end uploader!)
  • Addresses issue with showing all projects under admin user lists
  • MISC edge case bug fixes
  • Design refinements around dashboard
  • Better support for using the custom / theme template function, much more usable!
  • Resolves issue with commenting on password protected projects
  • Adds support for prefixes on permalink structure
  • Addresses missing %project_title% variable for task due notifications
  • Addresses issues with calendar not displaying dates in dashboard
  • Fixed issue with using two psp_project_part shortcodes on the same page
  • Added new notification recipient variables %subscribers% %project_owners% %project_managers%
  • Document search only visible if you have more than five documents
  • Removed improper hook from project_status_part shortcode
  • Resolved the flash of unstyled navigation on page load
  • Fixed invisible tasks when entered as links
  • Resolved email notification troubles
  • Fixed issue where you couldn\'t scroll after changing document status
  • Added lost password link to login page
  • Failed logins through panorama will redirect back to the failed login page vs WordPress login page
  • Switched include logo option to select, fixes issue with
  • Added setting to change how the dashboard is sorted (project start, end, alphabetical, etc...)
  • Added edit link to the masthead of projects if user has permission to edit
  • Switched auto-expand comment JS for IE support
  • Added option for documents to not have a status (don\'t need to be approved, etc...)
  • Added ability to upload custom favicon
  • Added percentage phase calculation
  • Made entire projects clickable in the dashboard
  • Limited comment nesting to 3
  • Fixed date format on project page
  • Fixed issue with mini charts incorrectly rendering totals
  • Fixed issue with calculation on phases and task counts
  • Redesign a refresh of the entire interface
  • Added ability to assign priority to projects (only visible to project owners and above)
  • Improved responsive breakpoints
  • Added client name to task listing in dashboard view
  • Linked comments will automatically expand and receive focus
  • Added link to expand or collapse all phase discussions
  • Better organized project editing interface
  • Added more dynamic variables to notifications
  • Updated chart.js and jquery.js for performance
  • Normalized tooltip, popover and modal libraries (now using Bootstrap 3)
  • BUG: Fixed issue with 404s on page 2 of dashboard
  • BUG: Fixed issue with ACF5 and the user select field
  • COMPATIBILITY: Switched site_url with home_url to prevent 404s when WordPress core is in a subdirectory
  • BUG: Fixed issue with %project_title% variable on user assignment notifications
  • COMPATIBILITY: Fixed issue with using %current_user% on date based task notifications
  • COMPATIBILITY: Improved compatibility with iCal feeds
  • UX: Fixed issues with trying to activate without saving license first
  • UX: When filtering projects on the dashboard type and count options are saved
  • UPDATES: iCal feed links to make importing them into calendars easier
  • FEATURE: Body class now has user role
  • BUG: Fixed issue with %project_title% variable on user assignment notifications
  •  BUG: Fixes PHP warning in footer of dashboard views
  • COMPATIBILITY: Changed license error checking to better support older versions of PHP
  • FEATURE: Added two new notifications, tasks due today and task is overdue (sent day after it\'s due)
  • FEATURE: Dynamic notification variables only display when they can be used with the notification type
  • COMPATIBILITY: Improved support for plain permalinks
  • FEATURED: Added iCal feed to calendars
  • BUG: Fixed issue with warnings on dashboard
  • BUG: Fixed issue where sometimes task status got saved as an empty character
  • FEATURE: Added 5% increments to task update on front end
  • BUG: You no longer have to assign a single user to a project if you\'re also using teams
  • FEATURE: Improved modal usability
  • FEATURE: Added universal JS libraries for better performance
  • FEATURE: Added advanced setting to turn on wp_head and wp_footer for shortcode compatibility
  • FEATURE: Added advanced setting for disabling file obfuscation
  • FEATURE: Added option to lazy load WYSIWYG fields for performance
  • FEATURE: Added upcoming tasks page in dashboard
  • COMPATIBILITY: Improved responsive displays
  • FEATURE: Project owners and authors only see media they have uploaded to the gallery
  • COMPATIBILITY: Better handling of variables in notifications
  • FEATURE: Added shortcode [panorama_login] to output a Panorama login form anywhere
  • BUG: Fixed issue where task edit links don\'t appear for project owners assigned via a team
  • BUG: Automatically generate and save a comment key for phases if for some reason one doesn\'t exist
  • COMPATIBILITY: Wrapped init routine in an action to prevent clashes with ACF
  • FEATURE: Improved menu design, especially at responsive levels
  • FEATURE: You can now link to /panorama/calendar/home to automatically pull up the current logged in users calendar
  • FEATURE: Added task completion percentage to calendar tasks
  • BUG: Fixed issue where tasks were not showing up on calendars
  • BUG: Flushing output before download redirect, compatibility with other plugins.
  • FEATURE: Added teams section in dashboard
  • FEATURE: Added new sub navigation in dashboard
  • FEATURE: Improved design of users assigned to projects
  • FEATURE: Made templates more modular for less repeated code
  • BUG: Fixed issue with encoded characters in document uploads
  • FEATURE: Improved popups and issues with scrolling within pop-ups
  • BUG: Fixed issue where you might get 100% completion on the day before deadline
  • FEATURE: Added footer to design
  • FEATURE: Added ability to replace e-mail variables using $post_id
  • FEATURE: Phase colors are now an array so you can easily customize them or add more colors
  • FEATURE: Added support for comments on custom templates
  • FEATURE: Added support for multi column phases on custom templates
  • FEATURE: Fixed issue with non visible tasks on dashboard pages
  • FEATURE: Added \'target\' attribute for [project_list] shortcode to allow links to open in new windows
  • BUG: Fixed issue where some date formats prevented tasks from appearing in the calendar
  • FEATURE: Added more dynamic notification variables
  • BUG: Fixed some mobile styling bugs
  • Made changes for PHP 5.2 backward compatibility
  • Fixed some issues with the user notification e-mails
  • Fix PHP warning on saving notifications.
  • Added notification events: Add user to project, assigned task to user
  • Added ability to specify all project users on a notification
  • Added shortcode [psp-upcoming-tasks], shows a logged in users current open tasks sorted by upcoming due dates
  • Added [psp_my_calendar] shortcode to output your own calendar
  • Fixed issue where comments were getting linked via cloned projects
  • Improved e-mail notification system. Set triggers and send e-mails when specific events occur like completing a task from the front end or when a project is completed.
  • Updated permissions around Project Creator roles
  • Editing elements are now always visible at responsive breakpoints
  • Manual flush rewrites
  • Menus can now be filtered by \'psp_get_nav_items\'
  • Custom menus can now have an icon by adding a fontawesome class to the link description
  • Fixed bug with errors and user IDs in the user notification window
  • Improved responsiveness of menu
  • Improved responsiveness of charts, better support for phone rotating
  • Dashboard page now paginates via ajax instead of querying all projects
  • Added search to dashboard page and ability to filter by project type
  • Fixed issues with translations in calendar
  • Updated calendar to FullCalendar 2.9
  • Added tasks and milestones to calendar
  • Fixed issue with notices on restricted projects but no users attached
  • Standardized psp-modal
  • Totally remove milestones and comments if not in use
  • Improved menu design, more compact
  • Misc bug fixes
  • New options system for easier integration with add-ons
  • Fixes Jquery UI CSS conflict with Divi theme options page
  • Changes milestone field format to vertical
  • Fixed issues where PMs needed to add themselves to a project to edit
  • Cloning a project now takes you into the edit post window
  • Clicking the reply link in comments now opens a reply box below the current post
  • If comment notifications are turned on all assigned users and the post author will get a notification
  • New user level of \"Project Creator\" who can create and edit projects, but only see projects they\'ve created or are assigned to
  • Dashboard task lists can now have the client logo at the top
  • Calendar now works with plain permalinks
  • Improved performance on all projects view
  • Prevents the use of [project_status] and [project_status_part] in Project Panorama WYSIWYG
  • Added shortcodes [before-milestone] and [after-milestone] to conditionally display content in milestone descriptions based on if the milestone has been reached or not
  • All timelines will appear red when project is behind
  • Added dashboard link to menu
  • Tasks and milestones now have due / completion dates
  • Fixed issue with phases not getting cloned
  • Dates will now be output based on WordPress options
  • Fixes download issue when permalinks are not enabled
  • Fixed issue with phase comments loading the entire page on WP 4.5
  • Added localization support for calendar
    • Added comments to phases (ajax driven!)
    • Improved styling of login form
    • Login form errors now redirect you back to the same page login form
    • Improved styling of document update modal
    • Added hooks and filters
    • Added psp_enqueue_scripts hook and psp_register_script and psp_register_style to make adding assets easier
    • Added download url obfuscation
    • Updated charts.js library to most recent stable version
    • Updated ACF library to most recent stable version
    • Improved milestone styling
    • Improved donut chart styling
        • Added the ability to create teams and assign teams to projects
        • Restructured the entire template hierarchy making it much easier to customize Panorama
        • Added tons of hooks and filters, making it much easier to customize Panorama
        • Improved styling on new milestones and phase sections
        • Added check activation button to make license troubleshooting easier
        • Improved the access management checks to allow easier integration with outside plugins and APIs
        • Improved the styling of the [project_list] shortcode
        • Added ability to add milestones in 5% increments, up to 20 milestones
        • Added ability to use variables in messages
        • Added option to disable the \'duplicate post\' integration
        • Added ability to update tasks from all projects dashboard
        • Fixed bug where admins can\'t edit private projects
        • Cleaned up front end task update ajax markup and code
        • You can now create a menu in the WordPress admin and add it to the panorama single project or dashboard menu
        • Scripts and styles can now be added to panorama template using hook psp_enqueue_scripts and functions psp_add_style() and psp_add_script()
        • Added filters to field arrays so you can now dynamically add fields to projects, psp_milestone_fields, psp_overview_fields , psp_phase_fields
        • Added filters and hooks to the tasks template filters: psp_task_class(), psp_task_assigned(), psp_task_name(). Hooks: psp_before_task(), psp_before_task_name(), psp_after_task()
            • Added calendar feature that displays project start and end dates
            • Improved dashboard layout
            • Improved header design for dashboard / project pages
            • Added mobile menu to project pages
            • Improved compatibility with using theme template pages
            • Added logo field for projects, allowing for uploading of client logos
            • Added search box and pagination to document interface
            • Subscribers can now update the status of tasks assigned to them
            • Fixed issue with ampersands in phase titles
            • Fixed issue with translating month names
            • Fixed bug where user list doesn\'t show up if you have ACF5 plugin
            • Switched document layout to vertical for better display
            • Added options to customize accent colors (phases, timeline, etc...)
            • Improved styling for elements in description areas
            • Added shortcodes [before-phase] [during-phase] and [after-phase] which display before a phase starts, during an active phase and once a phase is completed
            • Date format on backend is determined by user settings
            • Added ability to sort by title using the [project_list] shortcode, attribute sort=\"title\"
            • Removed password protected projects outside of project lists unless admin
            • Improved dashboard for better user experience located at /panorama (or whatever slug you change it to)
            • Added the ability to assign tasks to users
            • Fixed issue where translating document status is reset on front end update
            • Fixed plugin activation notice
            • Moved phase calculation settings to main overview to make easier to find
            • Fixed slashes in HTML e-mails
            • Added Active | Complete links in all projects listing in backend
            • Greatly improved theme compatibility for shortcodes and unsupported theme template use
            • Misc bug fixes
            • Dropped IE8 and previous support for better modern browser utilization
            • Document update notification fixes
            • Checked for dates before displaying, fixes notices if date isn\'t set
            • Fixed JS issue in IE for frontend editing
            • Switched last modified time to date on [project_list]
            • Added pagination on project listing
            • Mark project complete when done through the front end
            • If there isn\'t a start or end date, hide the time elapsed bar
            • [project_list] shortcode will now display a login form if access is set to user and user isn\'t logged in
            • Fixed bug where special characters in task names would get garbled after updates (like &, etc...)
            • Task names now support HTML
            • Added logo and home link to project dashboard page
            • Fixed bug where sometimes e-mails had a broken link
            • Fixed bug where timing could be off when using an embed shortcode
            • Added a simple project list / archive page for logging in and seeing your list of projects (i.e. /panorama/project-name the login would be /panorama/)
            • Added better support for handling wide height ranges between project phases
            • Improved the UI of the project heading area
            • Added the ability to sort by start or end date with [project_list]
            • Fixed bug where if you had a project password protected and restricted to users you couldn\'t update tasks from the front end
            • Separated jQuery from frontend lib file
            • Reworking of how and when admin scripts are enqueued for compatibility
            • Added Advanced tab for debugging
            • Switched dashboard widget chart to chart.js
            • Renamed comments.php to psp-comments.php for compatibility
            • Core fixes
            • Added option to specify back button link
            • Added front end updating of tasks
            • Added front end updating of documents
            • Added notification system for document updates
            • New project page interface
            • Added time elapsed feature, tracks overall time elapsed compared to project completion
            • Improved project listing interface on the backend
            • Improved project listing shortcode display
            • Split project templates into sub parts for easier customization
            • Reworked file structure
            • Misc bug fixes and improvements
            • Split field loading into individual parts, function to check if field files exist in theme directory for customization
            • BETA FEATURE: Load Panorama into your theme templates
            • Works around javascript issue with recent versions of WordPress SEO
            • Adds login box to project shortcode embed
            • Adds conditional back button to project pages (i.e. if there is a page in history, button appears)
            • Only enqueue javascript files on pages that need them for compatibility
            • Improved formatting of e-mail notifications on smaller screens
            • Added password reset link to Panorama login
            • Removed dashboard widget for users who are not editor level or higher
            • Fixed issue where some users can\'t set a default e-mail / from name for notifications
            • Fixed calculation bug with shortcodes
            • Fixed weighting issue with previously completed projects
            • Switched method of designated completed projects to custom taxonomy
            • Fixed conflicts with ACF5 users and progress bars
            • Added e-mail notifications
            • Split settings into three tabs
            • Cleaned up admin interface
            • Added ability to expand and collapse phases in admin (Thanks Mark Root-Wiley
            • Added graph to dashboard widget
            • Reworked phase weighting, you can now specify hours instead of percentage
            • Phases now have project specific settings rather than each individual phase
            • Added setting to expand tasks by default
            • Fixed unset variable PHP notice
            • You can now specify number of projects to display in the [project_list] shortcode
            • Found some missed language translations
            • Added the ability to use your own template, simply create a folder called \"panorama\" in your theme directory and then copy /wp-content/plugins/panorama/lib/templates/single.php into it. You can then modify the file as you\'d like
            • Added project listing widget
            • You can now use URLs for documents
            • Added color customizations and an open css text box to the settings page
            • Fixed bug with DISQUS plugins
            • Minor bug fix
            • Adjusted project_list shortcode to only display projects viewing user has access to, this can be overwritten by adding an access=\"all\" attribute
            • Added two user roles, \'Project Owner\' and \'Project Manager\' - More information here
            • Project editing in the admin is now restricted by the access control settings, i.e. authors/editors/project owners can only edit projects assigned to them (admins and project managers can edit all projects)
            • Fixed issue where auto-calculation wouldn\'t work if you only had one task
            • Added function to translate ACF fields
            • Fixed output of \"Fired\" on plugin page
            • Added [panorama_dashboard] shortcode
            • Added project listing widget
            • Expanding and collapsing task lists
            • Fixed issue where project list wouldn\'t output completed only projects
            • Slightly redesigned interface
            • Working translation and textdomain
            • Added translations for French and Bulgarian - Thanks Gregory Further and Yassen Yotov!
            • Move settings into the Project Panorama menu
            • Added hooks into the template for future addons and easier styling adjustments
            • Login form no longer trips security on WPEngine
            • Fixed some misc bugs
            • Adds dashboard widget
Version 1.2.1
            • Better translation and textdomain support
            • Reworked shortcode system, now you can embed parts of projects, configure your project output and adjust what projects are listed
            • Added \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Project Type\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" custom taxonomy
            • Added the ability to alter your project slug (from panorama to anything else)
            • Added the ability to brand your projects
            • Styling improvements and fixes
            • Expanded WYSIWYG tools
            • Support for WP 3.9
Version 1.2
            • Swapped out donut charts for Pizza Charts by Zurb (much nicer at all resoultions, better IE support)
            • Added password protection
            • Added user management / restrictions
            • Check for duplicate post plugin before including
            • Added option to noindex projects
            • Minor styling tweaks
            • Only load scripts and styles when a shortcode is used or on a project page
Version 1.1.3
            • Small bug fixes, corrects non-loading icons for shortcodes in the editor window.
Version 1.1.2
            • Initial release!

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