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Project Panorama is more than a Project Management tool, it’s a project visualization suite. This WordPress plugin helps you manage teams and clients through visual project and client dashboards.
Access Control

Create public or private projects and manage individual user access

Panorama is perfect for either situation. Restrict clients to their projects while you can manage all projects in one place.
Stay on top of things

Project Dashboards for High Level Insights

Panorama generates a unique project dashboard for each user, giving them an overview of the projects they’ve been assigned.


Project listings

See current and past projects include completion and timing.

Project breakdown

Quick breakdown of completed, active, and yet-to-start projects.
Tracking and Accountability

Delegate and manage workflow

Assign projects and tasks to users so your team knows what they need to do, and by when. You stay aware of current status and progress with minimal effort.

Project calendars

Keep track of upcoming milestones and deadlines

Task lists

See and complete any tasks assigned to you
Visual project management

Information you need, available at a glance

Because Panorama is a visual project management solution, you can see what’s happening with little more than a glance.


Project organization

Keep relevant details about the project in one place

Document management

Store important documents and their status. Clients can upload, approve, and reject documents.

Status and Timing

Track the level of completion against the time elapsed. See if you’re ahead, behind or on schedule.

Define and track milestones

Set milestones and due dates, tracking if you’ve completed them on time or not


Automatic progress calcuation

Progress is automatically updated based on task completion.

Track due dates

Automatically track when due dates are hit, or missed.
Stay Organized

Split projects into phases

All projects can be segmented into separate groups of tasks. In Panorama we call these “phases.” Each phase has their own set of tasks, documents, and discussions.

Automatic progress calculation

Phase and project completion is automaticly calculated based on task completion and hours allocated.

Assign tasks and deadlines

Set deadlines and monitor tasks that are overdue.
Manage communication

Keep discussions organized

E-mail is a difficult way to communicate about a project. Keep discussions grouped with the projects, phases, and tasks they pertain too.

Track progress across all projects, teams and individuals

Through a variety of reporting views, you can see which projects are on schedule or behind for individuals, teams, or across all active projects.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I limit projects to specific users or clients?

Yes! You can set permissions so users only see the projects they are specifically assigned to.

Can I sell projects or issue invoices?

Yes! By integrating with Gravity Forms, WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads you can sell access to project templates.

If you'd like to send, manage and receive payments for invoices right in your Panorama projects then you can integrate with Sprout Invoices.

How many projects can I have with each tier?

There is no limit to the number of projects you have with any license of Project Panorama. You can have as many as your web host will support.

Which version of Panorama is right for me?

The majority of our customers find the "Agency" version of Panorama a good fit. This tier bundles the best and most popular paid add-ons at a low low cost!

If you only plan to have Panorama on your business or personal site and want clients to login to your site then the single license will work just fine.

Is Panorama a theme or a plugin?

Project panorama is a plugin that works with any theme! That means you can manage projects right off your own WordPress website or have a separate WordPress site specific for Panorama.

What if it doesn't fit my needs?

No problem! We have a 15-day no questions asked refund policy.

Can I get a free trial

As Panorama is downloadable software we don't have a way to offer free trials, but you can always purchase, try Panorama for 15 days and get a refund if it doesn't fit your need.

What does the "client" dashboard look like?

The client and project manager dashboards are very similar, the major difference is capability and control. Clients only see projects assigned to them and have limited ability to modify the project. They can comment, upload files / documents, approve documents and complete tasks assigned to them.

What Happens After a Year?

Licenses are billed automatically yearly with a 50% discount on renewals until canceled. You can cancel your subscription anytime and continue to receive support and updates until the anniversary of your purchase date.

If you don't renew you can continue using the version of Panorama that you have installed. You just won't have access to new versions or support.

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