Project Panorama 2.0 Released

We're excited to announce the release of Project Panorama 2.0. This update has some exciting new changes that will be the foundation of significant improvements over the coming release cycles! We had two major efforts with this release: Update the user interface for a...

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WordPress Client Portals – Top Plugins for Your Business

If you own a small business or you’re a solo freelancer, you’re acutely aware of how important customer relationships are. You’ve probably devoted countless hours of marketing and strategy to drawing people in and converting them to customers. And it’s hard to do that...

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Client onboarding process – The ultimate guide

The success of projects is largely determined by the first steps you take. Have I scared you yet? You should be scared. The better-aligned everyone is at the start of a project, the smoother and more successful it will be. This is especially the case when it comes to...

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Panorama 1.6.7 Released!

Now available to download is Project Panorama 1.6.7 with new features, bug fixes and misc. optimizations. Details below: Compatibility fix for sub-tasks Feature: New notification type, project reaches % completion Adds overflow:hidden to project breakdown graphic...

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WordPress Project Management

Managing any project that involves a CMS like WordPress can be tricky if you don’t have the right process or tools. Having managed over a hundred projects that involved WordPress I've seen every possible situation and learned some important tricks along the way. One...

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WordPress Project Management Plugins – Benefits over a SAAS

Software as a Service (SAAS) project management solutions have grown in popularity for the past decade. Unlike the rest of the project management industry, WordPress seems to be standing strong in the face of SAAS growth. When setting up a project management portal on...

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Track Budgets and Expenses – Free Add-on

Most projects have budgets and hard expenses. Even if you provide a service there are dozens of places where you need to make purchases against the project. With most project management solutions, there isn't a clean way to track how much you've gone out of pocket and...

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How to Sell Your Panorama Projects

Business workflow automation is one of the advantages of using WordPress as your back office platform. Accepting and managing payments is an area where you can save time, speed up projects and increase collections and thus revenue. Project Panorama has several ways of...

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New Add-Ons Released

We're excited to announce two new Project Panorama add-ons that will help take your project management efforts to a new level. Being released is Scheduled Notifications and New User Projects. Scheduled Notifications Scheduled Notifications is another add-on from our...

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Automatically Creating Projects with Gravity Forms

One of the more common questions we get is how a project could be created automatically from a front end form that users submit. Luckily Gravity Forms makes this pretty easy! 1. Get the Right Plugins First you'll want to make sure you have the following plugins...

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