Extending Panorama: The Most Popular Integrations

Once of the great things about the WordPress ecosystem is the ability to integrate two seemingly separate plugins and have them work together seamlessly. This capability can create seemingly limitless opportunities, often without needing to hire a developer. Panorama...

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Project Panorama Slack Add-on Available!

Thousands of organizations today are using Slack for communication. And with good reason. Slack is an incredibly powerful, reliable, flexible and extensible tool and has become the gold standard for instant communication throughout businesses and communities. We use...

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Project Panorama New Release

We're excited to announce new features with the latest version of Project Panorama. We've being listening to your requests and have added capabilities that will improve the way you do business. Our continual goal is to help you increase productivity, get clarity on...

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Front End Uploader Updated

We've added some great new features and an improved interface to the free Front End Uploader add-on. Not only is the new interface significantly improved, you can now choose to alert users on your project that the file has been uploaded. Choose which users receive a...

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Improving Productivity Through the Pomodoro Technique

Out of all the productivity systems I’ve tried, the Pomodoro technique has been most effective. The concept is simple, you use a timer to set short work sprints – usually around 30 minutes in length. In between each interval is a short break. After four sprints you...

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How We Arrived at Partial Task Completion

One of Panorama's unique features is partially completed tasks. Traditional project management tools typically limit task progress to either open or complete, with no ability to designate in between. I don't fault this approach, there are situations where more...

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Have You Taken Advantage of Panorama’s New Features

I hope you've had a chance to update Panorama to the latest version and wanted to point out some of the new features that were released last month. We're very excited about them and hope you are as well. Let's take a look at what's new: Redesigned User Dashboard We've...

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