Improvements to Panorama Task Management

Project Panorama is a WordPress Project Management Plugin that will have you loving your job again!

Task delegation and management is the cornerstone of all project management. What needs to be done, by who, and by when makes up 80% of a project manager’s workflow. That’s why we’re excited to announce recent improvements to Panorama’s task management capabilities and interface.

Multi-user task assignments

For some time we’ve had requests for the ability to assign more than one user to a given task. Previously you had to assign a task to the individual who was “owning” the task, who would then coordinate with other users on completing it. We’ve heard your feedback, and see the importance of having multiple users assigned to the same task.

That capability now exists! Assign as many users as you’d like to both tasks and sub-tasks, and enjoy all the features that Panorama offers for task management like personalized to-do lists, task notifications, and task discussions.

Sub-task Descriptions

Similar to multiple users assigned to a single task, we’ve heard your requests to add support for sub-task descriptions. Having listened to how you use Panorama, we’ve learned that sub-tasks can be as large a task as standard tasks and oftentimes you need to add additional detail beyond what’s in the sub-task name itself.

Sub tasks now have their own description field allowing you to add as much detail and information as needed. Simply update your Sub Tasks plugin and you’ll see you can add a description through the frontend or backend editing experience.

Task User Interface Improvements

We take pride in creating a beautiful, engaging user experience in Panorama. Not only from an aesthetic perspective, but from a functional one as well. We’re always looking for ways to make the interface cleaner, more modern, and easier to use. This means reworking elements to get one step closer to perfection.

If you’re a regular Panorama user you’ll probably notice a handle of design improvements we’ve made in the screenshots above. Specifically, we’ve:

  • Improved the design of all Panorama pop-ups (or modals)
  • Removed the “slideout sidebar” interface for task details, moving them into an easier to use pop-up
  • Redesigned the sub-task design for better clarity and use of space

How to get the improvements

If you have a valid license you can take advantage of these improvements by updating your plugin through the WordPress interface or by downloading them directly from your account. If your license key has lapsed, now is a perfect time to renew it so you can impress your clients, save time, and bill more.

We’ll have lots of improvements in the future and like always, we’d love to hear your suggestions!

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