Project and Team Reporting – Panorama 2.0.8

Project Panorama is a WordPress Project Management Plugin that will have you loving your job again!

We’re excited to announce the release of Panorama 2.0.8! This release has been driven by your feedback (much like all of our releases.) While Panorama itself was designed to serve the purpose of being a visual report on all your projects, we’ve heard your requests that a more dedicated reporting feature would make it easier to understand the overall health of your active projects.

Panorama 2.0.8 has our initial release of the reporting capability, and we’re excited to build upon it more over time! You can now go into the reporting section within Panorama and get a visual breakdown of all your projects and where they stand in terms of being on time, behind, open tasks, late tasks, late milestones, etc…

We also recognize that reporting isn’t always limited to projects, sometimes you need a report on your team members and how they’re performing. We’ve added that capability as well, creating a report for users where you can see how many projects they’ve been assigned, how many of those projects are late, tasks assigned, tasks in progress, and late tasks.

Click into any user and it takes you directly to their dedicated Panorama page where you can see what projects and tasks specifically they’re assigned to and the status.

Update to 2.0.8 today to take advantage of these new features!

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