Updates to Panorama Pages Add-on

Project Panorama is a WordPress Project Management Plugin that will have you loving your job again!

We’re excited to share we’ve released Panorama Pages 1.6 which has a host of exciting new features that extend the abilities of Panorama significantly!

Panorama Pages allows you to create static pages of content within the Project Panorama client portal. Prior to Pages 1.6 you had three options in terms of who can access your content:

  • Any logged in user
  • Password protected
  • Project association (i.e. it can only be accessed through an associated project)

We’ve extended Pages capabilities to give you more membership style capabilities. You can now restrict access to specific Panorama Pages in the following ways:

  • Teams
  • Individual users

So you can now create a page or pages specifically for certain teams, or certain users. This means you can have tailored content and a full client portal for each client or team you’re working with.

Further, users who have access to page content will automatically get an informational menu in the Panorama Client Portal allowing for easy access to this important information.

If you have a version of Panorama Pages prior to 1.6, you’ll need to update the plugin manually. We’ve included an automatic updater in this release meaning you’ll be able to update through the WordPress dashboard moving forward.

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