Track Budgets and Expenses – Free Add-on

Project Panorama is a WordPress Project Management Plugin that will have you loving your job again!

Most projects have budgets and hard expenses. Even if you provide a service there are dozens of places where you need to make purchases against the project. With most project management solutions, there isn’t a clean way to track how much you’ve gone out of pocket and how you’re tracking towards a total budget. For example, in a website redesign budget, you might have expenses for custom plugins, a theme, stock photography, etc… In the past, you might have had to track these in a completely separate system like Xero or Quickbooks. Now you can keep all your critical information in one place.

Yes, Panorama now makes this critical task possible.

With our new free add-on, you can establish a project budget and then track expenses as they come up. Panorama will automatically calculate and display your total expenses and how they contribute to the total budget. Using WordPress’ built-in capabilities system you can control who can see, edit and delete expenses. Don’t want your client to see? That’s fine, they won’t! Just kidding, you do want your client to see (maybe you’re billing them afterward) then that’s an option as well!

Get a picture idea of where your biggest expenses are by generating reports across all projects or across various categories.

Download Panorama Budget and Expenses add-on and let us know what you think!

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