Project Panorama Released

Project Panorama is a WordPress Project Management Plugin that will have you loving your job again!

Hello my friends,

We’re excited to announce that Project Panorama is now available and it has some excellent new features. Amongst a handful of minor bug fixes and optimizations, we’ve added new user management capabilities so you can better control who can edit, update and access your projects.

Once you’ve upgraded you’ll notice you have two new user roles, “Project Owner” and “Project Manager.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 6.33.15 PM

Project Owners

Users who are assigned the “Project Owner” role can only see and edit projects they are assigned. They are unable to add new projects or see any project that wasn’t assigned to them (including open projects.) Project owners who are logged in will only see their projects when on a page that includes the project listing shortcode.

Project Managers

Users who are assigned the “Project Manager” role can add, edit, delete and publish projects. They can’t however, access any other parts of the site. They can’t create posts, pages, etc… This allows you to have users who only manage projects but can’t touch the rest of your site.

These permissions even apply to the project_list shortcode, so users will only see projects they have access to.


We’ve also introduced a whole range of hooks so you developers can add your own functionality to Project Panorama.


In the head of the Panorama project template. Great for adjusting the styling of pages.


Before the first Panorama area containing the project title, description, dates and documents.


After the project summary area.


Between the summary area and the total project progress.


After the total project progress.


Between total progress and the project phases.


Between project phases and the discussion area.

Go ahead and download the new version. If you aren’t being prompted to upgrade, go to Dashboard > Updates within WordPress and click the “check for updates” button. If that doesn’t work, make sure your license is active (it should say “ACTIVE” in green next to the license.) Finally you can always login and download the most recent version from

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