New Free Add-on “Checklist” and Call for Beta Team

Project Panorama is a WordPress Project Management Plugin that will have you loving your job again!

Hello all,

A few weeks ago we put together a small, simple plugin for a custom who’s project tasks made more sense as a “checklist” rather than a list of partially complete activities. It occurred to us that other customers might find this functionality useful and would like the same capability. Over the past week we’ve invested a little bit of time making it more flexible and easier to use. It’s now available for download in our Add-ons section at no extra charge!

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 4.49.08 PM

We’re also ready to release our next major version which has a series of new and enhanced features. We’d love to get some existing customers trying it out to ensure it’s working as expected. While we’ve asked for beta testers in the past, we’ve found it hard to actually get responses and feedback. If you’d like to help Panorama reach the next level, please let us know in the comments and we’ll send you an early release version (note: this is for existing customers only.) This will help speed up our development process and get the features you’ve been asking for out sooner.


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