New Add-Ons Released

Project Panorama is a WordPress Project Management Plugin that will have you loving your job again!

We’re excited to announce two new Project Panorama add-ons that will help take your project management efforts to a new level. Being released is Scheduled Notifications and New User Projects.

Scheduled Notifications

Scheduled Notifications is another add-on from our favorite plugin developers Real Big Plugins. This plugin allows you to set up timed, automatic notifications ensuring that everyone is updated on project progress on a regular basis.

Setup multiple scheduled notifications with a wide range of intervals including hourly, daily, bi-weekly or monthly. The add-on also includes a wide range of additional dynamic tags to include in the notifications such as:

  • All tasks (and their progress)
  • All complete tasks
  • All incomplete tasks
  • A list of milestones (and their completion)

This makes it easy to keep stakeholders aware of project progress without requiring that they log in to Panorama on a regular basis.

Take a look at scheduled notifications here!

New User Projects

We’ve released a new free add-on that automates the creation of projects when users are registered. If you have a membership site, sell projects or just a common work-flow for your clients then you can dramatically speed up your process with this add-on!

New User Projects¬†allows you to setup project templates and then assign those templates to specific user types (like subscribers, project owners, e-commerce customers, etc…) Then when a new user of that type is created on the site Panorama will automatically create a new project based on your template and assign the user to it.

This opens up all sorts of possibilities of offering self-service projects, selling projects, including projects as memberships or just cutting down the number of repetitive tasks every time you get a new customer.

Check out New User Projects here.

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