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Not just a project management tool

Panorama is a project visualization system that solves all the headaches that cost you time and money when it comes to managing projects.Online Demo Pricing

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What if your project management system was simple to understand, matched your internal workflow, and was hosted on your own website?

…all without the high monthly fees.

You’ve experienced it…

Traditional project management solutions are cumbersome

The ordinary approach to project management is designed around delegation. Who’s assigned what task, to be completed by when.

While important information, this task centric design makes it extremely hard to visualize where a project actually is in it’s lifecycle.

You may have noticed…

Software as a service project management tools have several flaws.

You’re hosting important data on someone elses website. Your clients log into someone elses branded system. You can’t have a single, choesive portal where clients access everything you need when engaging with you.

It’s costing you every day…

Every time a client calls, emails, or texts you to figure out what’s going on you’re losing time and money. When your client logs into a SAAS companys system, you’ve lost an opportunity for branding. The more YOU need to think about projects, the less time you have to actually work on them.

Panorama is a Project Visualization Plugin for WordPress. It has all the same features as a project management solution, but…

….it uses visualization for easy comprehension and management.

Better communication and comprehension

Visual project dashboard keep everyone informed

Clients and team members get personal projecft dashboards with high level project progress, timing, task assignments, and current phase.

Online Demo Pricing

Increase your success

More time and happier clients means more money.

Clients can see what’s going on and where things are at with a quick glance… that makes them happy. Happy clients work with your more often and with bigger budgets.

You spend less time managing projects and communicating…

all while spending less than one month of a typical SAAS solution.

Make it your own

Build a custom solution for your specific needs.

Using a WordPress project management plugin means you can combine and integrate your existings plugins. Use our integrations to sell projects, manage invoicing, create custom forms, and more!

Online Demo Pricing

We have been using project management software for years, we were turned on the Project Panorama and it transformed the way we run projects and standardized our processes as a web design company. Their customer service is responsive and incredibly resourceful. Oh, and our clients love it! We would recommend anyone to use it. Scott Cain

Director of Marketing, Integrated IT Solutions

The features you need to take your business to the next level.


Front-end editing

Manage your projects without having to access the WordPress dashboard.

Sub tasks

Split tasks into sub-tasks with automatic progress calculation.


10+ custom notification events that you can customize and even send to Slack! (with a third party add-on)

Project templates

Cut down on project setup time by using project templates.

Deadlines and Calendars

Panorama automatically flags projects and tasks when they get behind.

User management

Control who can access what projects and what capabilities they have.

Sell projects or send invoices

Using WooCommerce, Sprout Invoices, or Gravity Forms you can issues invoices or even sell access to projects.

Manage budgets and expenses

Track project budgets and expenses that will be billed towards the project.

Track delays

Record project delays and automatically adjust project timelines accordingly.

Document management

Keep important documents organized and manage the approval process.

Client dashboards

Each user (or client) has their individual dashboard with a breakdown of projects, important dates and assigned tasks.


Group users together into teams for easy management of project communication and permissions.

Communication threads

Discuss the project globally, per phase, or per task.

Resource management

Keep an eye on what projects and tasks are assigned to your teams or individuals.


Build the “WordPress way” allowing for easy building on top of.
Acting as PMO at my organization, I can confirm how much this tool has brought us efficiency, business vision for each strategic project, and support for making decisions about them. Nayara Ministerio

My clients are loving the plugin. They can see where we are in their web development and my asks that are needed to proceed. Great plugin. Adrian Campos

Church Online Solutions

Love the plugin! My clients love it too and it’s really helping me to articulate/value all the work I am doing and to share that with clients! Natalia

Lia Lux Designs


Buy with confidence! We offer a 14-day no questions asked, money back guarantee!


"Panorama and all of our add-ons for life!"

Normally $499


$150 savings
Panorama and all current and future official add-ons for life +

Lifetime support
Unlimited sites

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"For small businesses that need efficiency and seemless task management."

Normally $149


$50 savings
Bundled Add-ons +
Front End Editor
Sequential Tasks
Sub Tasks
(an $127 value)

PLUS all future paid add-ons
Official free add-ons
Plugin updates *
Email support *
Five sites
All core features included

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"For solo businesses and freelancers that want a better PM solution.."

Normally $99


$30 savings
Official free add-ons
Plugin updates *
Email support *
1 site
All core features included

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* Licenses are for support and updates last one year with a 50% discount on renewals. Licenses automatically renew, but you can switch to manual renewal payments if desired.

+ Please note that some add-ons listed on our site are sold and supported by trusted third party developers and are not included in the enterprise package. Add-ons in this category are clearly labeled on the add-ons page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I limit projects to specific users or clients?

Yes! You can set permissions so users only see the projects they are specifically assigned to.

Can I sell projects or issue invoices?

Yes! By integrating with Gravity Forms, WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads you can sell access to project templates.

If you'd like to send, manage and receive payments for invoices right in your Panorama projects then you can integrate with Sprout Invoices.

How many projects can I have with each tier?

There is no limit to the number of projects you have with any license of Project Panorama. You can have as many as your web host will support.

Which version of Panorama is right for me?

The majority of our customers find the "Agency" version of Panorama a good fit. This tier bundles the best and most popular paid add-ons at a low low cost!

If you only plan to have Panorama on your business or personal site and want clients to login to your site then the single license will work just fine.

Is Panorama a theme or a plugin?

Project panorama is a plugin that works with any theme! That means you can manage projects right off your own WordPress website or have a separate WordPress site specific for Panorama.

What if it doesn't fit my needs?

No problem! We have a 15-day no questions asked refund policy.

Can I get a free trial

As Panorama is downloadable software we don't have a way to offer free trials, but you can always purchase, try Panorama for 15 days and get a refund if it doesn't fit your need.

What does the "client" dashboard look like?

The client and project manager dashboards are very similar, the major difference is capability and control. Clients only see projects assigned to them and have limited ability to modify the project. They can comment, upload files / documents, approve documents and complete tasks assigned to them.

What Happens After a Year?

Licenses are billed automatically yearly with a 50% discount on renewals until canceled. You can cancel your subscription anytime and continue to receive support and updates until the anniversary of your purchase date.

If you don't renew you can continue using the version of Panorama that you have installed. You just won't have access to new versions or support.

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