As of version 1.2.2 Project Panorama supports e-mail notifications when a project has been updated. To ensure the best possible experience for you and your users, we’ve intentionally crafted the process in which e-mails are sent out.

In order for an e-mail notification to go out their are three minimum criteria:

  1. You must have access restriction turned on
  2. The user(s) you’d like to notify added to the project
  3. You must save the project after adding a user.
    1. This means if you add a user to the project you must save before you can send them an e-mail.


After these three criteria are met you will be able to setup an e-mail notification by editing the “notifications” settings near the publish button of the project editor.


NOTE: You will need to check this box every time you’d like to send out a notification. This prevents accidental flooding of e-mails when you’re making several updates to a project.

After enabling an e-mail alert, the users you’ve selected will be sent a message upon saving or updating of the project.


Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 2.44.47 PM

Currently you have a handful of settings to customize your e-mail notifications. You can specify:

  • The delivery name
  • The delivery e-mail
  • Default subject
  • Default message
  • Logo inclusion (the logo from the appearance settings tab)


The most common issue is e-mail not being delivered. There are a range of reasons that e-mails might not be reaching their intended destination. Please perform the following steps to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Try resetting your password to ensure e-mails are being delivered from WordPress. If you can’t get a password reset e-mail you will need to contact your host to investigate the issue.
  • Ensure the e-mail address you are sending from is a live, real e-mail from a legitimate domain. Try a second e-mail if possible.
  • Check your spam folder
  • Sign up for a free Mandrill account and install the wpMandrill plugin