Sequential Tasks

Require that tasks and phases be completed in sequence.

With the sequential tasks add-on you can ensure that projects happen in the sequence they’re intended. Designate which tasks are “sequential” thereby preventing users from marking them complete until the previous task has been complete.

When the first task within a phase is marked sequential it will require the previous phase be complete before the next phase can start.

Compatible with the official checklist add-on!


  • Make sure you have Project Panorama installed and activated
  • Upload the plugin files delivered to you via e-mail
  • Activate the “Project Panorama Sequential Tasks” plugin through Settings > Plugins
  • Go to Projects > Settings > Add-ons > Sequential Tasks and enter your license, save and the activate
  • Edit or create a project, when you add a task you will have a “sequential task” option to prevent said task from being completed until the task prior has been completed.


  • Project Panorama 1.5.4 or higher (any license level)
  • WordPress 4.2 or higher

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