Improving productivity and workflow through project visualization

In 2012, we authored a simple project visualization plugin dubbed “Project Status.” The inspiration for Project Status, was a simple question we heard frequently. Over the past ten years of client services, we had received numerous e-mails and phone calls with the simple and reasonable question… “Where are we at?”

Project Status simply let you indicate percentage of project completion through the use of a progress bar. To give that percentage some context we also added the ability to define four key milestones. Since publication Project Status has been downloaded over 10,000 times. It was much popular than we ever expected and still has a loyal following.

Wanting to expand on the idea, we created Project Panorama.

About The Project Panorama Team

ross-workcampProject Panorama is managed and maintained created by Ross Johnson of 37 Media, LLC and SnapOrbital Plugins. 37 Media, LLC has created the SnapOrbital suite of plugins with a focusing on creating maliciously designed tools that improve the WordPress experience.

Johnson has over fifteen years of web design experience and has been working with WordPress since 2006. He is a frequent speaker at Midwest WordCamps and teaches at Michigan State University.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to:

  • Declan O’Neill
  • Justin and Kloe Ferriman of LearnDash
  • Lyndsay Johnson

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