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Activating Your License

Activating your license allows you to get notifications within the WordPress administration of new versions of Panorama and one click updates. You can activate your license by going to Projects > Settings and then inputting your license in the General tab. Type your license key into the license key area, make sure there are no […]

Installation or Upgrading

Installation Installation is simple. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress A “Projects” tab will be added to the WordPress menu Create a new project, filling out all important information Fill in the project title, enter in a description, pick starting / ending dates and outline the project […]

How to Use Panorama

Overview Video Basics Project Panorama puts a “Projects” menu item into your WordPress admin interface. Once installed, you can create individual projects by navigating to the projects menu item and selecting “Add Project.” Each project has it’s own project page, which can be seen by editing the page and selecting “view project” or going to […]

Downloading and License Keys

Purchase E-mail After purchasing you should receive an e-mail with a download to your copy of Panorama and your license. The download link is only active for 24 hours, so I’d recommend downloading right away even if you don’t plan on installing right away. Occasionally this e-mail get’s stuck in spam, so much sure to […]