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Upgrading to a Newer Version

Automatic Upgrades If your license is active you should be notified of new versions of Panorama and Panorama add-ons within a few hours of their release. You can confirm your license is active by going to Projects > Settings in the WordPress admin and check to see if the word “Active” is next to your […]

Project Templates / Duplicating Projects

You may find that many of your projects share a very similar structure or have the same team members. Rather than setting up a new project from scratch, you can use Panorama’s “clone” system to setup Project Templates. Simply create a generic version of a common project and build out all the details that are […]

E-Mail Notifications

Basics As of version 1.2.2 Project Panorama supports e-mail notifications when a project has been updated. To ensure the best possible experience for you and your users, we’ve intentionally crafted the process in which e-mails are sent out. In order for an e-mail notification to go out their are three minimum criteria: You must have […]


Project Panorama has three shortcodes for embedding content into other posts and pages, and three shortcodes to add functionality to the projects themselves. Shortcodes for Projects You can optionally have different content be visible in a phase description based on the whether the phase is active, complete or hasn’t started yet. The three short codes […]

How to Use Panorama

Overview Video Basics Project Panorama puts a “Projects” menu item into your WordPress admin interface. Once installed, you can create individual projects by navigating to the projects menu item and selecting “Add Project.” Each project has it’s own project page, which can be seen by editing the page and selecting “view project” or going to […]