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You can add links to the primary Project Panorama menus including: The hamburger menu on Panorama dashboard pages The hamburger menu on Panorama project pages The footer menu on all pages To do so, simply follow these steps: Go to Appearance > Settings in the WordPress admin. Create a new menu Add the menu items […]

Complimentary Plugins

Get more out of Panorama with these complimentary plugins: Looking to do something more with Panorama? You can combine the functionality of many off the shelf WordPress plugins to make Panorama even more useful. Turbo charge your Project Panorama install with the following complimentary plugins: Subscribe2Comments Reloaded Give users the ability to subscribe to e-mail […]

Hooks and Filters

We’ve added tons of hooks and filters to Panorama allowing you to customize the functionality and appearance. Here is a basic list below, we’re continually adding hooks and filters so the best way to get the most up to date list of hooks and filters is to scan through the code. Need a hook or […]

Customizing Appearance

Looking to customize the look of Project Panorama? There are a few easy methods of doing so. Use the Built In Customizer Navigate to “Projects” and then “Settings” in the WordPress admin. Scroll down and you’ll see several color pickers allowing you to change the color scheme to match your brand. You can also upload […]

Translating or Changing Words

We’ve put a considerable amount of effort into ensuring Panorama is translatable. This also means you can change any of the words in Panorama to other words even if it’s English to English. For example you might want to change “Projects” to “Cases.” There are a couple of different ways you can create your own […]