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Automatic Upgrades

If your license is active you should be notified of new versions of Panorama and Panorama add-ons within a few hours of their release. You can confirm your license is active by going to Projects > Settings in the WordPress admin and check to see if the word “Active” is next to your license key. If not, try activating again.

You’ll notice an upgrade is available message on the plugins page in the WordPress dashboard. Simply upgrade the plugin like you would any other plugin, it’s that simple!


If you get an “Unauthorized” error when trying to upgrade it means the website you’re trying to upgrade with isn’t listed as an active site on your account. This is often caused by one of two reasons:

  1. You’ve changed web addresses but haven’t deactivated and reactivated your license
  2. You’re on an SSL and there is a current bug in the WordPress core that’s causing your site to be registered improperly

If you have changed web addresses or migrated your site, try going to Projects > Settings and deactivating your site and then reactivating again.

If you’re on an SSL, login to your account page and type in your site manually. IMPORTANT: Make sure to leave a trailing / at the end of the address. i.e. https://www.mydomain.com/

Alternatively fill out a support ticket with your full web address and we can do this for you.

Manual Upgrades

You can also manually download Panorama by going to your account page. Your login is the e-mail address used to purchase. If you don’t recall your password you can reset your password using the link on the page.

Download the latest version of Panorama. Then login to your WordPress site and go to your plugins page. Deactivate and then delete the existing version of Panorama (don’t worry, Panorama doesn’t never deletes your projects so you won’t lose any data.) Then upload the new version like you did originally.

Activate the plugin and go to Settings > Permalinks, scroll down and click “Save Changes.” You don’t need to change anything, just click the save button.