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Purchase E-mail

After purchasing you should receive an e-mail with a download to your copy of Panorama and your license. The download link is only active for 24 hours, so I’d recommend downloading right away even if you don’t plan on installing right away.

Occasionally this e-mail get’s stuck in spam, so much sure to check your spam folder if you haven’t received it.

Account Login

If you still can’t find it or wait longer than 24 hours, you can login to your account here.

If you don’t recall your login information (setup at checkout) just click the “reset password” button and put in the e-mail address used during checkout and it will send you a password reset e-mail.

License Activation Issues

If you click the “activate” button and the license stays inactive it means your website wasn’t able to validate the license with our server. Typically issues include:

  • You copied and pasted the license key wrong
  • There is an extra space (or spaces) at the beginning or end of the license key
  • Your website is having issues making outside connections (you might be running locally or behind a firewall.)

If you can’t figure out why the license key isn’t activating, click the “check activation message” and copy and paste a response into a support ticket, we’ll help you diagnose the issue.