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Activating your license allows you to get notifications within the WordPress administration of new versions of Panorama and one click updates.

You can activate your license by going to Projects > Settings and then inputting your license in the General tab.

  1. Type your license key into the license key area, make sure there are no spaces before or after the license key
  2. Click ‘Save Changes’
  3. When the page reloads, click ‘Activate License’

What to do if your license remains ‘Inactive’

If after clicking ‘Activate License’ the license remains inactive, double check to make sure you put in the correct license and there are no spaces before and after the license key. If you’ve purchased add-ons or multiple items make sure you’ve used the correct license for the item you’re activating. Also make sure you haven’t activated more sites than your license allows.

Make sure your web server is connected to the internet and allows outgoing communication.

In order to activate your license your website needs to communicate with our activation server to verify you’re using a valid license and to record which site is being active. If you’re on a server that doesn’t allow outgoing connections, can’t perform a domain lookup or has other security measures preventing the verification process from happening then the license won’t activate.

This won’t prevent you from using Panorama, it just means you’ll have to manually check and update Panorama by logging into your account when there is a new release.

If you’re still having trouble after following these steps, click the ‘Check Activation Message’ button and open a support ticket with the response in the body.

Managing Your Active Sites

If you’re planning on moving your license from one site to another, make sure you deactivate your license through the WordPress admin before installing Panorama on your new site. If you’ve forgotten to do this and can no longer access the WordPress site to deactivate the license, you can login to your Panorama account and manage which sites are registered under your license.