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Streamline your process with this simple, easy to use WordPress client dashboard and project management plugin.

Animated client management dashboard for WordPress WordPress Project Management Plugin

Transform Your Project Management Process

Panorama visualizes your projects process ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Client and Team Dashboards

Project Dashboards

Give clients and team members project dashboards with critical project information such as project overviews, assigned tasks, important dates and team information.

Visualize Your Project Management

Visual Project Management

Project clarity takes mear seconds. Instantly see what's been done, what's happening next and how a project is progressing.

Collaborate and Communicate on Projects

Collaborate & Communicate

Assign tasks, upload files, get approvals on documents and discuss projects in a single, intuitive place.

Give clients and team members their own project dashboard.

Project panorama gives each user their own dashboard with an overview of the projects assigned to them. Team members and clients only see their projects where project managers can see all projects.

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WordPress Client Dashboard

Each project has it’s own page detailing key information and progress.

Keep track of key information, documents, milestones, phases and tasks. Project progress is automatically calculated as tasks are completed so you always know how close you are to completion.

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WordPress Client Dashboard

Assign tasks to clients or team members for clear delegation.

Assigned tasks are listed on users project dashboard. Users can complete tasks assigned to them keeping the project status accurate and up to date.

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WordPress Task Management

Store important documents in one place and manage their status.

Clients and team members can upload, review and approve documents. Easy messaging allows clients to request document revisions, simplifying document workflows.

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WordPress File and Approval Management

Keep Discussions in a Single Place

Project panorama gives you the opportunity to discuss the project and individual phases. Keep important notes and discussions out of your inbox and bundled with the rest of your project information.

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WordPress Project Communication

Designed to save you time so you can focus on what’s important.

Project Panorama is designed to reduce the amount of time required to manage projects.

Automatic Updating

Project completion is automatically calculated based on hours and task completion.

Documents & Approvals

Clients can approve or request changes on key documents right on the project page.

E-Mail Notifications

Send out e-mail updates on progress to anyone or everyone assigned to a project.

Project Templates

Setup project templates and clone them to get up and running quickly.


Keep discussions in one place and outside of dreaded e-mail making it easier monitor conversation.


Identify delayed projects before they are an issue by comparing project completion to time elapsed.



Group users together into teams for easy management of project communication and permissions.

Client Dashboards

Client Dashboards

Each user or client get's their own dashboard with a breakdown of all their projects, important dates and assigned tasks.

User Task Lists

Task Management

Easily see all assigned tasks and deadlines across multiple projects.

Designed to make you look good.

Impress your clients and even demand higher fees!


Built in color pickers so you can match the color scheme to your brand.


You or your clients can check project status from any internet connected device.


Clients with multiple projects can see a leaderboard of progress across all of their projects.


Want to use Panorama in a different language? You can translate or change any word output.


Don’t give your project data to another company. All project information lives on your server and can be downloaded or exported.

Meticulously Designed

Every detail is visually perfected. Instantly upgrade your professionalism.

Don't just take our word for it...

Our customers love it!

"Project Panorama has impressed all of our clients and reduced the number of 'Where are we at?' inquiries we get. It's been a life saver for our work."

Lyndsay Meadowfete Media

"Great piece of software. We are very impressed!...It looks fantastic. I can't wait to show it off!"

Gretchen Thyme For Design, Inc.

"I have a client who greatly expanded the scope of her project (doubled her budget) because of the way Project Panorama allowed me to present all the relevant information to her."

Ginger Metalsmith & Custom Studio Jeweler

"Love the plugin! My clients love it too and it’s really helping me to articulate/value all the work I am doing and to share that with clients!"

Natalia Lia Lux Designs

"We have been using project management software for years, we were turned on the Project Panorama and it transformed the way we run projects and standardized our processes as a web design company. Their customer service is responsive and incredibly resourceful. Oh, and our clients love it! We would recommend anyone to use it."

Scott Cain Director of Marketing, Integrated IT Solutions

"Best plugin ever! Even better now that you have integrated with Sprout Apps!!"

Pritesh Multimedia Designer & Developer, Doodle Pod

"This is the by far the best solution I've seen and used! Great work guys!"

Anne Quade Creativity is Key

"My clients are loving the plugin. They can see where we are in their web development and my asks that are needed to proceed. Great plugin."

Adrian Campos Church Online Solutions

Acting as PMO at my organization, I can confirm how much this tool has brought us efficiency, business vision for each strategic project, and support for making decisions about them.

Nayara Ministerio da Fazenda

14 day money back guarantee!

Project Panorama Pricing

We offer a no questions asked, money back guarantee!

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Project Dashboards

Restrict projects to specific users. Users get a dashboard of all relevant project details.

Task Management

Create and assign tasks to users.

Document Management

Upload documents, allow clients and team members to mark them as approved and send comments.


Send and recieve notifications, host discussions on projects and phases.

Time Management

Calendar of start and end dates, visualize time ellapsed vs progress completed.

Add-on Support

Supports the add-ons available in our library.

Frontend Project Editing

Bundled with the Frontend Editor add-on.

Site Installs

How many separate installations do you need?

Effecient Support

We'll help you solve any issues that come up.

Feature Suggestions

Suggested features help determine future feature development.


$149 $119

For Serious Applications

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Project Dashboards

Task Management

Document Management


Time Management

Add-on Support

Frontend Editing Add-on

Site Installs


Efficient Support

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$99 $69

Most Popular!

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Project Dashboards

Task Management

Document Management


Time Management

Add-on Support

Frontend Editing Add-on

Site Installs


Efficient Support

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$89 $59

For Individuals

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Project Dashboards

Task Management

Document Management


Time Management

Add-on Support

Frontend Editing Add-on

Site Installs


Efficient Support

Feature Suggestion

Panorama Lite

We also have a free, reduced version of Panorama without tasks, advanced time management and access controls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many projects can I have with each tier?

There is no limit to the number of projects you have with any license of Project Panorama. You can have as many as your web host will support.

Which version of Panorama is right for me?

The majority of our customers find the "Business" version of Panorama a good fit. This allows them to install Panorama on a couple of their own sites and use it for clients if they have a need.

If you only plan to have Panorama on your business or personal site and want clients to login to your site then the single license will work just fine.

If you have lots of sites, are a developer and have the need to install Panorama on many sites then go for the agency package.

Is Panorama a theme or a plugin?

Project panorama is a plugin that works with any theme! That means you can manage projects right off your own WordPress website or have a separate WordPress site specific for Panorama.

What Happens After a Year?

We offer a 50% discount on renewals. If you don't renew you can continue using the version of Panorama that you have installed. You just won't have access to new versions or support.

Are Refunds Available?

Yes; refunds are offered no later than 14 days after purchase or renewal and are processed quickly.

We appreciate any opportunity to help solve problems before refunds and love feedback, but neither are required for a refund to be processed.

Does Panorama Support Multisite?

Yes, Panorama works great with WordPress multisite.